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Thread: Our school district seems to have no policy for identifying gifted students.

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    Our school district seems to have no policy for identifying gifted students.

    Our school district seems to have no policyfor identifying gifted students. They continuously talk about the cost andother obstacles to a set policy. How can I be most effective in encouraging theschool district to move forward in identifying gifted kids?

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    One possibility is to encourage the use of the Talent Search. We use this as a means for identifying students for our gifted program.

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    I agree with kschultz about using a Talent Search. My family lives in a district that has no gifted program. The talent search was the best method for us to provide our son with the education he needed. After the talent search results came in, subject and grade skipping as well as access to accelerated courses were available with my advocacy for my son. I provided the transportation to the classes of Math and English offered through the talent search. The rest of the classes were taken at our "home school." We needed to sign up on our own for the talent search, the school didn't offer it or even mention it. Encourage the school to notify parents of Talent Search opportunities. NUMATS site http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats/

    I also found the fairly newly offered NWEA tests good in identifying kids with advanced knowledge in different subjects. It gives parents the knowledge if they have a child that is very advanced for his grade level so they can advocate for him/her. It helps the teachers too. Here's the link for that site. http://www.nwea.org/

    Encourage the district to allow "testing out" of courses so the student can advance to the next level course when appropriate.
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