I am working with a Kindergartner this year who has tested out to third grade level in reading and mathematics. The school is planning on leaving him with his age mates and just enriching him, as needed, as he goes along. I believe his parents are in agreement, however I am not privy to this because I am a volunteer.

I disagree with this on many levels. He will be forever the odd one out because as time goes on, all his classmates will see him being "pulled out," and taught different things. Not to mention he will eventually have to be moved anyway because "pulling out" will stop working because he will move too far ahead to spend any time with his class.

I have studied this because of my own child, and "Hoagies Gifted" is one of my favorite sites, so I know there is research showing it's better to advance to mental peers than leave with age peers. I believe doing this sooner than later is better. However, he will always be ahead, no matter what "grade" he is advanced to, because he learns faster. So that could be a reason they want to leave him where he is.

Any teacher and/or parent with experience that could give me some real life examples for illustrations? I appreciate it very much. Thanks!