Don't miss the next NAGC Webinar on Wednesday Wednesday, April 18, 7:00 pm Eastern "Double the Lable, Double the Need: Strategies for Educators and Parents of Exceptional Children" Collaborative planning with a focus on developing 21st century skills improves outcomes for twice-exceptional children with a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to nurture incredible strengths in creativity and problem solving. Utilize technology to assist children with debilitating weaknesses in written expression and executive functioning. Develop interpersonal skills essential when collaborating with others and intrapersonal skills a prerequisite to self-actualization. This presentation provides an expert perspective on how children, parents, and educators can develop a comprehensive plan integrating strategies from both gifted and special education to meet diverse cognitive, academic, social, and emotional needs of twice-exceptional children. Presenters: *

Claire Hughes, College of Coastal Georgia, St. Simons Island, GA Beverly Trail, Regis University, Henderson, CO


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