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Thread: How do I find time to meet the needs in my classroom?

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    How do I find time to meet the needs in my classroom?

    How do I find time to meet the needs ofjust one or two gifted kids in my classroom when I have to get everything donein the grade-level curriculum?

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    There are some great books out there on differentiating curriculum for gifted kids. One classic is Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom: Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Meet the Academic Needs of the Gifted and Talented by Winebrenner.

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    I agree with Susan Winebrenner's book. I used it a great deal while teaching. Differentiation is something that can be easier to operate than it sounds...even by age range. During third grade, I was teaching cube vs square--using models, practice papers, the book, walks through the hall to point them out and some still were not understanding. I took our son's set of Zomes. It includes rods and spheres to create different structures...typical or bizarre. The assignment was to create a cube. The kids were in teams and those in a team that still didn't understand, learned by watching and listening to each other. To begin with, this differentiation came with giving them the ability to create anything out of Zomes, after they had shown me a cube. A variety of rather 'Picasso shapes' came from some groups and houses and skyscrapers from another. The group that had a gifted student built and arch bridge about 6' long with questions being asked and ideas springing from it for another group's project. Objective was met and free creativity encouraged. Differentiation doesn't have to be complicated. Request Winebrenner's book from MeL (state library) and see what you think. I loved it.

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